Jeep Cherokee Review

Written By: admin - Aug• 01•14

Most people do not actually use their SUV’s for off-roading purposes. Most SUV’s never leave the road. However, that hasn’t put a damper on the popularity of these vehicles, and Jeep’s Cherokee is one of the few vehicles that could actually be used for serious off-roading purposes.

Jeep is a brand name that has become synonymous with durability and reliability. Jeep does not make dainty or prim and proper vehicles. The company has produced a long line of rugged automobiles. Today, there is a lot of competition centered on producing the roughest and toughest off-roader with the Cherokee slugging mud with the best of them. Jeep Cherokee’s have a huge marketing audience from farmers to mothers to everyone in between this vehicle appeals to a wide variety of buyers. The Cherokee can be used for a diverse range of tasks, and its versatility is a huge part of its appeal. It can be used for work or play and still transports families through everyday activities from grocery shopping to soccer practice.Diesel versions of these 4×4 are less expensive to run than their petrol counterparts, but even the diesel variant is expensive to fuel because this is a very thirsty vehicle.


The Cherokee is an expensive vehicle to purchase and run. It is a thirsty gas guzzler regardless of which engine you opt for. This vehicle is a costly investment and not a good idea for buyers on a tight budget. For being such a large vehicle the Cherokee provides limited cabin space. Front passengers have more than adequate space, but rear passengers are not quite as fortunate and limited legroom may cause some discomfort for rear passengers over a prolonged period of time. The Cherokee’s fascia mirrors the rest of the vehicle. Simple and uncomplicated. The controls and dials are easy to use and logically placed. The column stalks may take some time to adjust to, but for the most part everything is where you would expect it to be. The Jeep Cherokee’s seats are large and supportive, and the Cherokee does a good job of minimizing road and wind noise. It does deliver somewhat of a rough ride due to its off-roading nature. To access the Cherokee there is a significant step-up into the cabin. It is also a reach to load and unload anything from the back of the truck as well. The tail gate door opens out and not up and that could pose problems for some. Parking the Cherokee can be a chore. Rearward vision is limited and the vehicles size poses its own set of challenges. The car is equipped with plastic bumpers and should help to minimize damage to the vehicle while learning to park it.

Life Style

The Cherokee handles best off of the road, but when driven on-road it is important to take it slow and easy for a safer, smoother ride.The steering can be a little difficult, and the ride a little choppy. The diesel motor in particular is more difficult to push hard and get a smooth ride in return. It’s a different story off-road as this Jeep handles the toughest, muddiest, and slipperiest terrain with ease, and the diesel variant feels unstoppable. The Jeep Cherokee would make a great family car as far as space is concerned and dealing with the challenges that family life presents. Children will have no problem getting comfortable in the back, although adults might not find it near as comfortable. The car also gets poor fuel economy and the fuel alone will be a big investment for families. The Cherokee would not be a wise choice for new drivers. The vehicle itself is rather large, and expensive to run and insure. It would also be difficult to navigate around town for a new driver. New drivers would probably find the Cherokee very difficult to park as well. Image isn’t a problem for the Cherokee because it carries the Jeep name. It has many competitors but is usually more sought out than any of its Japanese competitors. Build quality is good and Jeep’s are known for reliability.

 Security and Safety

The Cherokee comes standard with remote central locking, a Thatcham Category One alarm system, an immobiliser device, and visible vehicle identification numbers. The Cherokee is a very desirable expensive vehicle and it is not surprising that the company has taken such thorough security measures. Safety features include ABS braking, driver and passenger airbags, and side impact protection. In a vehicle of this price it is surprising that the safety kit is not more impressive. Saying that it is a beast, and makes some other 4x4s look like Nissan Note cars, so if you do have bump, you should be kept pretty safe.

 The Finishing Touches

The Cherokee offers a standard stereo unit with a radio and single CD player. Steering wheel-mounted controls of all the basic functions are available for the driver’s convenience. Higher-end models offer system upgrades. Bright colours are more complimentary on the Cherokee’s exterior. The Cherokee’s basic and durable interior design is good for both growing families and using the Cherokee as a work vehicle. It isn’t fancy, but it is durable.


This 4X4 is very accomplished off the road, and on the motorways, but it delivers a very rough ride around town. Its stylish exterior and excellent off-roading abilities make it a very popular vehicle despite its on-road short-comings.

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