Drug Cannon Car

Written By: admin - Mar• 20•13

We’ve seen some pretty odd customisations in our time from the mandatory spoiler on a used Seat Ibiza or suicide doors on a Hyundai Trajet, but this one most definitely takes the biscuit. The car in question appears to be a Dodge Ram 50 pickup, and the owner has fitted a cannon into the trucks bed.

The cannon worked through a connection to the engine which builds up air pressure in order to launch up to 13 kilos of marijuana in one blast. Apparently it was being used to fire the drugs over the Mexican border, into America where presumably, some rapscallion will be waiting to retrieve the merchandise. The car has now been seized by the Mexicali police. Don’t expect to find the cannon on any car part sites just yet, as we are not sure that it is in line with certain health and safety regulations.drugcannon

We also can’t imagine that it would go down to well at any servicing garages, and you may struggle to pass your MoT.

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