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Lexus LS Review

First thing’s first…. It has its own fridge! If you aren’t convinced already then feel free to read on and I shall discuss the car in a little more detail. I have been driving my second hand Lexus LS for a while now and am convinced it is going to be the best car I […]

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Jeep Cherokee Review

Most people do not actually use their SUV’s for off-roading purposes. Most SUV’s never leave the road. However, that hasn’t put a damper on the popularity of these vehicles, and Jeep’s Cherokee is one of the few vehicles that could actually be used for serious off-roading purposes. Jeep is a brand name that has become […]

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Audi A4 Review

Audi’s Compact executive A4 has developed quite a loyal following. With a superbly built cabin, great petrol and diesel engine options, and an overhauled chassis Audi fans can’t resist the sporty A4. The A4’s road presence is sophisticated and sporty. The cars corporate grill is striking and hard to miss. The Audi A4 tends to […]

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