Audi A4 Review

Written By: admin - Aug• 01•14

Audi’s Compact executive A4 has developed quite a loyal following. With a superbly built cabin, great petrol and diesel engine options, and an overhauled chassis Audi fans can’t resist the sporty A4. The A4’s road presence is sophisticated and sporty. The cars corporate grill is striking and hard to miss. The Audi A4 tends to appeal to owners who are more concerned with a stylish image and good looks than the overall driving experience. The A4 has a superb build quality and several engine options are available. The Audi A4 tends to appeal to more mature drivers and gives the buyer a feasible option over Mercedes and BMW.The A4 displays a sporting presence on the road and boasts slightly more room in certain areas than previous models. This Audi offers the driver a very controlled ride, and comes with many optional add-ons. For instance, the Quattro four-wheel drive system is an option geared toward delivering a more secure and exhilarating ride.With all things considered, the Audi A4 could possibly be the best choice of cars in the compact executive market. It has managed to hold its own with the competition in performance, style, reliability, and price.


The A4 is not the least expensive compact in the executive market. Once the buyer adds on a few upgrades, the price quickly rises. The A4  has a great resell value, servicing and maintenance can be costly, and the diesel engine option will help save on fuel costs. Cabin space in the A4 is adequate. Front passengers have plenty of head and leg room. This Audi offers rear passengers plenty of head and legroom as well. Rear passengers are not as cramped as they had been in previous models. Audi has a talent for making clear, stylish and functional controls. The A4 is a direct reflection of that talent. The controls are large and located in practical convenient places. The stereo system is simple to use and steering wheel controls have been added for the driver’s convenience. The A4 is comfortable to drive and passengers enjoy low cabin noise while the car is being driven at modest speeds. However, an increase in speed results in an increase in engine and road noises. The car accommodates passengers of average build comfortably in both the front and rear seats. Gaining access to the A4 is not a problem for front seat passengers. The rear seat has a smaller opening and rear riding passengers must be agile enough to gain access. The A4 provides good forward, rear, and side visibility. Parking this car is not a difficult task. Parking is made even easier by the A4’s feather-light steering. The only difficulty associated with parking this vehicle is if a driver is unfamiliar with the car it can be challenging to judge where the boot ends.

 Life Style

The A4 has a lot of driver appeal. The front-wheel drive is surprisingly easy to steer, and thanks to the many underbody improvements the car turns and handles well. In the four-wheel version the A4 brags impressive grip levels, and handling as well. The diesel engine option offers buyers savings at the fuel pump, but the A4’s advanced 2.0 litre FSI turbo motor is not disappointing either. The A4 also has good family appeal. It’s a practical, well-built, quality car. It is capable of carrying out family related activities, and carrying modest cargo. There are many positive safety features designed to make the A4 a safe ride. Leather upholstery is not advised for families with small children. The A4 is an expensive car, but if a new driver could afford it, it might be a good choice. This is an easy car to drive, and has great all around visibility. The A4 isn’t too large and it doesn’t sit too low to the ground, so parking is a fairly simple task. Audi has upheld their high class image with the A4. The quality build, and flawless finish continues the tradition. Audi has combined sophistication and simplicity together and have successfully held buyers attention.

 Security and Safety

The Audi A4 comes with all of the standard security features, remote controlled locking, and a Thatcham Category One anti-theft system. The cars VIN is prominently displayed from the outside as an extra deterrent. The A4 is a reasonably safe car. It comes equipped with twin, side, front, and curtain airbags for passenger safety. Other safety features include, ABS, traction control, and electronic brake distribution. There are additional safety upgrades available for additional costs.

 The Finishing Touches

The A4’s standard stereo system is somewhat disappointing. It comes with a stereo/cassette combination. The sound quality is satisfactory, but the buyer will probably opt for an upgrade. There are other stereo options available that include CD players, DVD players, sat-nav system, etc. Most colors look good on the Audi, but the A4 looks great in silver, blues, and reds. Reds really draw attention to the cars grille. Dark colored cloth or leather in the interior compliments most exterior colors.


The Audi A4 has superior exterior looks and style, and an improved chassis. The new bold grille really sets it apart from previous models. The A4’s over all ability and quality in many ways surpasses some of the leading competitors.

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